25 Natural Immune Boosting Remedies and Medicines to Help You Get Better Fast

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, my parents always had medicines stocked in our home “just in case” we get sick.  We now know that some of these over the counter medicines we have become accustomed to over the years can cause more harm to the body.   
For example, Tylenol’s active ingredient depletes the body of Glutathione which is an antioxidant compound.  Gluthathione is needed to help the natural detoxification process and getting rid of the foreign substances and pathogens. This will then hand in hand suppress symptoms, repress the immune system’s function, and prolong the illness in the body rather than knocking the illness out quickly.  And that’s only one example.  There are many studies that have come out linking Tylenol to long term adverse affects and that’s just one brand.  So many others such as infant ibuprofen have been recently recalled by the FDA and that can be viewed by clicking here.
Now let’s talk about antibiotics.  In my 20s, I would get sick often as my toxin exposure was extremely high.  No one could tell me to get rid of my fragrant Bath and Body Works hand soaps that have many endocrine disrupting chemicals.  I loved them and had every scent they carried.  I ate genetically modified foods such as ramen and I drank artificially flavored and dyed mixed drinks.  When I would get sick and visit the doctor, I would request a Z pack and off I went thinking I had the miracle pills.  It was quick and simple although it would still take me quite some time to recover, I really felt that it was just my exposure to germs that affected my health.  I just didn’t seem to care nor did I realize that the large combination of toxin exposure led to my frequent and prolonged illnesses.  It wasn’t until my late 20s did I realize that these “miracle pills” were no miracle.  In fact, they were destroying my body.  Doctors are over prescribing these gut destroying pharmaceuticals that have the capacity to cause bacteria resistance, contribute to the over growth of candida and cancer while destroying beneficial bowel flora, and cause other serious adverse reactions.  Now, I do believe antibiotics can save lives and do believe they are essential to western medicine but I do think that with a common cold, the risks outweigh the benefits and I have spent my early 30s rebuilding my gut health.  To learn more about the truths behind antibiotics click here and here.
When our bodies are acidic, we become sick as our body is trying to detox the chemicals that we have been exposed to (refer to my previous blog post: How to Stop Getting Sick) and when our bodies are alkaline, we are able to fight off illnesses and diseases. Organic fruits and vegetables will help alkaline our body while gluten, dairy, and sugar products will create a more acidic environment for our body.
I have composed a list below that includes 25 of my top natural immune boosting remedies and medicines.  I have linked each supplement/remedy/medicine as some may not be local to you.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor.  Any changes to your diet should be discussed directly with your doctor or primary physician.

Here is a list of immune boosting essentials that we stock our medicine cabinet and refrigerator with:

1. Elderberry Syrup 

Elderberries are dark purple berries from the elder tree.  They taste bitter and tart so many will create a syrup with elderlies combined with fresh raw local honey to reap the benefits of this berry with a sweeter flavor.  In studies, elderberries has been proven to prevent H1N1.  Elderberries are anti-viral and have shown to fight off infections while boosting the immune system.  The study can be viewed by clicking here.
Naturally Darling’s Elderberry Syrup is my top recommendation for elderberry syrup and let’s talk about why.  They use organic ingredients and not only elderberries.  Additional immune boosting herbs are added such as hibiscus flowers, rose hips, billberries, cinnamon, cloves, marshmallow root, slippery elm inner bark, and fresh ginger with an option to add echinacea.  If you are local in Palm Beach County or Martin County, Florida, you can purchase this pre-made with fresh organic local honey or you can purchase the packets to be shipped to you along with instructions to make with your own local honey.  I have partnered with this wonderful local business and she is offering my subscribers a special 10% off discount for the elderberry kits using code: HOLISTICLIFESTYLISTA

2. Vitamin C 

As a child, my parents would always remind me to drink orange juice to make sure I got my daily dose of vitamin c.  As an adult, I stopped drinking it when I realized it would cause me to become nauseous.  It wasn’t until I consulted my Naturopathic Doctor to ask more questions about orange juice itself did I find out that the high level of sugar is more inflammatory than milk.  When we consume fruit juices,  there is very high levels of sugar that our body is not able to process so it is important to consume your vitamin c thru whole fruits but when you are sick and need an extra boost, reach for a well trusted brand of Vitamin C.  I have tried many brands of Vitamin C including expensive brands.  I even had an allergic reaction to a synthetic vitamin c powder while pregnant with my daughter so I learned quickly that quality is very important.  This prompted me to do more research into the supplement I was taking.  There are only 2 brands of Vitamin C I will recommend: Synergy and Lume’s Vitamin C Radiance.   Lume’ and I have partnered together and they are offering my subscribers 15% off using code: LUMEJENNA15 (and this is off of all of her products and not just the Immune Boost). 

I also highly recommend following Dr Tennpenny’s Vitamin C protocol by clicking here. (It is listed as a protocol for whooping cough but the safety protocol should be followed while increasing the vitamin when sick). 

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is responsible for the healthy immune function of the body and is known to fight cancer and depression, boost weight loss, and more.  The best way to get the recommended dosage of Vitamin D is to go and sit in the sun for about 20-30 minutes a day during the late morning or early afternoon hours along with consumption of it thru a healthy diet. There are many environmental toxins in our environment and in our foods that can cause our body to deplete it’s vitamin d levels.  For example, glyphosate in non-organic foods has been shown to deplete the body of good gut bacteria and vitamins such as vitamin d.  You can view this study by clicking, here.  This is one of the reasons why a healthy organic diet is so important to our health.  The days that I am not in the sun, I take a capsule of NatureWise Vitamin D3 and our children take Seeking Health’s Optimal Vitamin D in liquid form.

4. Magnesium, Magnesium Flakes, & Epsom Salt

The moment our children have ever spiked a fever in the past, I put them in a warm bath with magnesium flakes immediately, and it reduces their fever by at least 2 degrees.  This is a must have in our home.
Magnesium plays a huge role in your health.  To increase magnesium in your body, you can supplement it orally and or topically.  When used topically and added to a bath soak, it helps reduce inflammation, helps to prevent blood clots, relieves constipation, eases menstrual cramps, relaxes the nervous symptom, cures skin problems,  treats congestion symptoms, eases muscle aches and pains, pull toxins from the body, and more.  It is said that magnesium is better absorbed thru the skin rather than taken as an oral supplement so it is best to soak in a warm bath with the magnesium flakes or epsom salt to detox the skin.  If you do not have the time or a bath, you can also make your own solution to use topically.
What is the difference between magnesium flakes and epsom salt?   Epsom salt is a naturally occurring compound of  magnesium and sulfate while magnesium flakes are magnesium chloride.  Magnesium flakes are a little pricier than epsom salts but they are absorbed thru the skin quicker and easier than epsom salts.  All in all, magnesium flakes are the better choice.  My favorite brand of magnesium flakes is Life-Flo Pure Magnesium Flakes and my favorite brand of Epsom Salt is Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt.  If you choose to also take an oral supplement of magnesium, MagMind by Jarrow Health has additional benefits: “Formulated with Magnesium L-Threonate, the Only Form of Magnesium That Has Been Shown by Promising Research to Readily Cross The Blood-Brain Barrier and Provide Significant Positive Effects on Cognition, Memory and Brain Health* MagMind (Magnesium L-Threonate, or Magtein) is the only form of magnesium that has been shown, by promising research, to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and provide significant positive effects on cognition, memory and brain health.*
What do you add to an immune boosting detox magnesium bath? – fill your tub with hot to very warm water – 3/4 cup magnesium flakes and or epsom salt, baking soda – 1/4 cup baking soda (to neutralize chlorine) – 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and or 3 drops of essential oil – Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes

5. Fresh Organic Cold-Pressed Green Juice 

Have you been accustomed to drinking orange juice when you were sick in the past?  Did you know orange juice can cause more inflammation and an increased mucuos production more so than cow’s milk?  Yes, it has tons of vitamin c but when juiced, it has lots of sugar.  Fresh pressed green juice is low in sugar and can help remove toxins in the body, boost the immune system, aid in digestion, along with fighting off cancer and aiding in weight loss.  It can heal skin ailments, and just about anything you can imagine.  Celery, Spinach, Dandelion Greens, Bok Choy, Cilantro, and Kale are all great juicing options with excellent healing and detoxing properties.  Also, I highly recommend reading the books by The Medical Medium to learn more about juicing to heal the body from the inside out.  
As a side note, juice is the most beneficial when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.  When convenient, juicing at home is best as the juice is fresh and has less time to oxidize.  The longer the juice sits, the properties will be less beneficial.  It is also important to use a cold pressed juicer so the juice’s nutrients stay in tact and don’t get cooked from any type of heat.  
After trying out a couple of juicers, I found that the Aicook Cold Press Juicer is the best value for the price.    On the days I don’t have time to juice, I drink Suja juice.  I prefer the Uber Greens but there are many different juice combinations that they offer.  Note: Drinking fruit juice while fighting off a cold is not recommended due to the sugar content as sugar feeds bacteria and works against the immune system. 

6. Colodial Silver 

Colodial Silver is an anti-fungal, an anti-viral, an anti-bacterial and an anti-microbial remedy used to reduce inflammation.  It can be taken orally to fight an internal virus or bacteria, used as a nasal spray to help ease sinusitis symptoms, used as ear drops to help heal ear infections, used as eye drops to clear up pink eye or styes, and it can also be used topically to treat wounds while preventing infections.  It has been shown to kill staph infections, pneumonia, strep, and more.  Click here and you can see how this works on a cellular level by viewing this short 2 minute video.  It is important to only buy true colodial silver and Sovereign Silver is the purest brand of silver on the market currently.  The brand also offers Sovereign Silver in a spray.

7.  Essential Oils 

Essential Oils can be used topically orally, or diffused throughout your home to promote wellness.  They do seem to be viewed as the new craze or fad but most people don’t seem to understand how they work and some are concerned about safety.  
How do essential oils work?

Essential oils, when used topically, penetrate the skin on a cellular level thru receptors and promote healing.   “Receptors are protein molecules that have binding sites on them for different types of molecules. When an external molecule finds a binding site it fits in, it communicates with your brain through electrical signals. These signals can go to your muscles, organs, or—in the case of your olfactory receptors—the amygdala, which is involved in the emotions you experience.  Some familiar receptors are your taste buds. When you eat, the food or drink interacts with saliva, and molecules bind to the taste receptors in your mouth. These receptors come in contact with nerve cells, which communicate a particular flavor to your brain.” Click here to learn more about this.

Are they Safe?  and   What brands are best?
The most important thing you can do when shopping for essential oils is to research the manufacturer.  Many brands of essential oils contain synthetic ingredients which are pretty dangerous.  If you see a deal at a store for a bottle of essential for $1.99 – run!  Quality essential oils in their purest form would never be offered for this price.  Now let’s discuss brands.  I have tried quite a few brands including Mountain Rose Herbs and DoTerra.  When it comes down to it, even though they have oils that are pretty high in quality, I am not okay with the fact that they use a specific type of human tissue for testing.  I won’t go into specifics here but for me but I just couldn’t come to bring myself to partner with the brand after learning what I did.  I have also tried Mountain Rose Herbs.  This company is great.  They have many organic dried herbs for purchase and their prices are great but when I did a side by side test of smelling their lavender essential next to Young Living’s essential oil, there was a huge difference in fragrance.   Young Living has the purest of oils in my opinion.  I trust their quality of essential oils along with their excellent customer service and this is why I have decided to partner with them as a distributor.  You can click here to view Young Living’s scientific process to determine purity and shelf life that goes into producing each essential oil.   If you are not currently a customer of Young Living, you can click here to enroll and view their essential oil collection and starter kits.  
What essential oils are best for boosting the immune system?  Here are my 6 absolute favorites:
Thieves –  I personally would add this blend topically to boost the immune system. The story behind this blend: “In France during the 15th century, thieves would sneak into graveyards to rob from the dead and dying. Legend says they protected themselves by creating a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals. Today Thieves essential oil blend is inspired by those tales of old. Combining Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon oil, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils.”
Eucalyptus – I prefer for this to be diffused to help ease any type of congestion.
Frankincense –  If there is any oil that is a go-to for everything, it would be Frankincense.  It helps promote healing with any skin ailments and promotes cellular function.  “Frankincense is  considered a holy oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years and was one of the gifts given to Christ at his birth. Frankincense is mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian scroll from approximately 1500 BCE, that documents its use.  Young Living distills Frankincense oil from the resin of Boswellia carterii trees located in northern Africa, near the Arabian Peninsula.”  
Peppermint – I like to call Peppermint the Congestion and Headache Buster.  I carry this one around and use it topically to relieve sinus pressure, headaches, and congestion.
Digize – Digize is my ride or die.  I cannot live without this oil.  It helps to relieve stomach discomfort.  Stomach ache, stomache bug, stomach anything, this is the best.  And honestly, I used to take many over the counter products to help ease my stomach discomforts and this used topically has worked better than anything I have ever tried.  
Sniffle Ease – This is exactly as it sounds and for children.  Sniffle Ease can help support clear breathing and can be diffused or used topically.

8.  Oil of Oregano

This is one product I swear on.  We added this to our medicine cabinet this past year and it has knocked out high fevers and early signs of a cold within hours along with any signs of the stomach flu.  It can also be used to cut back on candida in the body.  I take this on the days I eat something sugary to prevent the candida growth.  For children, you can empty a portion of a capsule in elderberry syrup or honey.  (Make sure to mix well as the taste is not something they will appreciate), and dose with a syringe if mixing with elderberry syrup or a teaspoon if mixing with honey.  (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  I have discussed this with our doctor and you should speak to yours before adding something new to your or your child’sdiet.)  My favorite brand is OregaMax.

9. Bromelain 

Bromelian is essentially pineapple extract that is a mixture of enzymes found in the plant.  It is an anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat osteoarthritis, cancer, and help with weight loss, muscle soreness, and digestion.  Bromelain can also help relieve sinusitis to improve breathing.  When used topically, it can help remove dead skin from burns.  This anti-inflammatory is also known to assist the immune system when fighting off any signs of a bacteria or virus.  Superior Labs has created this non-gmo Bromelain shown below that I would highly recommend over other brands.

10. Probiotics 

Probiotics are beneficial to increase a healthy gut flora.  They are best when consumed in their natural state such as in sauerkraut and kimchi.  Although they are present in yogurt,  kefir, and kombucha, I would not recommend them while sick.  Yogurt and kefir are dairy products and they will increase inflammation in the body and may prolong your illness.  Kombucha has excellent benefits but it also has a large amount of sugar in it that should be avoided while sick   Apple Cider Vinegar is another fermented favorite in our household and you can read about that below.I have also found black fermented garlic at Whole Foods a few years back.  It tasted like candy in my opinion and it was pricey so I stopped purchasing it and I started fermenting my own foods when I am able to find the time.  When under time constraints, I would purchase locally from the local green market from Cultured Culinaries.  
If you choose to take probiotic capsules in powdered form, it is very important to review the strains.  Not all are equal and although the more strains, the better, the type of strains are just as important.  But, for the sake of keeping it short and sweet without going into detail, I would recommend these 4 brands:
  – Renew Life – This brand offers many many strains and cultures and is available at Whole Foods (I have linked it thru Amazon) and needs to be refrigerated.
  – Vitamin Code by Garden of Life – Although Garden of Life was bought by Nestle’, a company that has been known to have a lack of integrity, I have noticed they haven’t changed an ingredient yet.  I have been more pleased with this brand than Renew life as far as number of the strains and cultures, effectiveness, and price is concerned.  This probiotic brand also needs to be refrigerated.  
  – Young Living – While I have been a distributor for Young Living for years, I have not tried their probiotics until this past month.  It was added to my order for free when I spent a certain PV and I was pleasantly surprised with the product.  If you are not currently enrolled as a customer for Young Living, you can purchase by clicking here.
Sunbiotics – This brand is great for children.  It tastes great and is organic.  The vanilla tastes like marshmallow in my opinion and there is a banana flavor our children love too.  We tend to alternate between the 2 flavors.

11. Echinacea

Echinacea is a great immune boosting herb and should be taken during the first signs of a cold.  It is important to only take this supplement for a short period of time as long term use could be detrimental.   Echinacea increases your white blood cell count to help fight infections and can cause an auto-immune response if it is used on a regular basis.  As far as having this supplement on hand, here are a few options:

Naturally Darling elderberry syrup currently offers an option to add it at no extra cost. Make sure to enter code: THEHOLISTICFASHIONISTA1 for a 10% off discount off the elderberry kits.

Lume’s Immune Boost Organic Herbal Infusion also adds additional herbs that have their own immune boosting, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties.  The herbs help the body flush out toxins, replenish with healing nutrients, stimulate the immune system, calm inflammation, and ease stress.  These infusions can be added to water or a smoothie and taste great.  Lume’ and I have partnered together and they are offering my subscribers 15% off using code: LUMEJENNA15 (and this is off of all of her products and not just the Immune Boost).

– Organic Echinacea Root Extract by Herb Pharmacy is a trusted brand of liquid echinacea that can be taken with or without mixing it in a drink. 

– Purium’s Immune Shield for Kids is one of my favorites that I have been using for the kids for over a year.  Each time our child was exposed to someone who was sick, I would have them take this and miraculously, they wouldn’t get sick. If you are interested in purchasing Immune Shield by Purium, you can email me at theholisticfashionista1@gmail.com for a free $50 gift card code (seriously!)


12. L-lysine

L-lysine/Lysine is an amino acid that is necessary to build protein and combine together as a macronutrient.  Lysine supports the immune system while assisting the body to absorb calcium, iron, and zinc.  It also promotes collagen growth and helps produce enzymes, antibodies, and hormones.  Lysine is also used to treat anxiety, stress, diabetes, osteoporosis, and viruses such as herpes, and shingles along with lowering blood pressure. And the list continues: supporting hair and skin growth, building muscle, and helping you recover from intense workouts.  If you have experienced: infertility, anemia, fatigue, red eyes, nausea, and poor concentration, you may be lysine deficient.  This supplement is found in foods such as nuts, lentils, beans, eggs, spiralina, fish, chicken, red meat, soybeans, and more but if you get sick, you may want to have this supplement on hand.  My preferred brand is Thorne’s L-Lysine.

13. Manuka honey

Manuka honey is a specific honey that is native to New Zealand as the bees pollinate the Manuka bush.  It is said that Manuka honey has 4x the anti-bacterial properties than raw honey due to the compound methylglyoxal. Manuka honey is ant-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.  It can be used to help heal wounds, soothe a sore throat, and improve digestion.  You can take a teaspoon once to twice a day.  If manuka honey is on the higher end of your budget, you can also choose a local raw honey.  Local honey is great if you are trying to fight off allergies.  Note:  Heating honey will change the chemical composition of the honey itself, so make sure not to add it to hot tea and elderberry syrup until it is at room temperature.  Sidenote: although the Manuka tree is native to New Zealand, it is also grown in Australia where this top rated Raw Manuka Honey is sourced
14. Zinc
A lack of zinc in the body can make you more susceptible to illnesses.  Zinc is responsible for your immune function (as are many other compounds).  The difference is that zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral in the body after iron.  It is also responsible for protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, healing of wounds, cell division and growth, and the breakdown of carbohydrates.  In some studies, zinc has shown to reduce the duration of a cold by 50%.  It has even shown to help with ulcers, ADHD, sickle cell anemia, and acne.  I prefer Nature’s Way Organic Elderberry Zinc Lozenges  especially to soothe a sore throat.  They taste good and the elderberry gives you an extra immune boost too.  If you prefer zinc in a liquid form, I recommend Vimergy’s Organic Liquid Zinc.
15. Tumeric
Tumeric is the root of a flowering plant that has a large list of health benefits.  It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and of course boosts the immune system.  It also helps detox the liver, control diabetes, improves skin health, helps with weight loss, improves digestion, fights cancer, helps in mound healing, and helps with depression and the list continues on and on.  It can be added to tea or mixed in with a soup or curry to add flavor.  Fresh grated turmeric is best but it can also be found in powder form and capsules as a supplement.  It is also said that it is absorbed better in the body when added with black pepper so this is why I recommend Organic Tumeric  Curcumin by Purity Labs in capsule forma or Organic Tumeric by Feel Good in powder form that can be used when cooking.
16. Raw Garlic
 Garlic is a plant of the onion family and has been used medicinally by many civilizations including Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman, Greek, and China.  Garlic has been shown to kill bad bacteria similar to how an antibiotic such as penicillin does.  It is anti-viral, anti-bacterial,  anti-fungal, has shown to kill cancer, and has proven to reduce heavy metal poisoning in the body.  You can view the study by clicking here.  But it is challenging to eat a clove of raw garlic so here are some tips:  
– Purchasing raw garlic to ferment or purchasing it already fermented.
– Mince it and mix it in raw honey then swallow a teaspoon every few hours.  
– Grate 1 clove of garlic and the same amount of fresh grated ginger, mix with 1 oz of lemon juice, 1 oz of pineapple juice, 1/4 tsp raw honey, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  Take it as a shot.  This recipe is known to knock out any type of virus or infection within a day or so when taken 2-3 times a day.
*If you choose to buy your garlic already minced and in a jar instead of buying it fresh and raw, I recommend Spice World’s Organic Garlic.
Garlic Mullein 
Garlic Mullein is anti-bacterial and has shown to kill staph and e. coli.  When applied in the ears as ear drops, it has shown to clear up ear infections and in some cases quicker than antibiotics.  It can also be used in the ears to help heal upper respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, coughs, and asthma.  I prefer Herb Pharm’s Mullein Garlic Oil as this brand has always been our favorite.

17. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural occurring mineral also known as sodium bicarbonate.  It is a natural antacid and is known to alkaline the body from an acidic state.  Baking Soda is probably one of the best multi-purpose products to keep in your home.  You can create stain remover, air freshener, deodorant and a cleaner with it.  It can also be used to bake with, to make a whitening toothpaste, and or used as a natural remedy.  But when it comes to boosting your immune system and alkalinize the pH in your body, you can add about 1/8 of a teaspoon to 1 ounce of water to drink.  I prefer to add a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of both honey and apple cider to this mixture and take it as a shot.  This recipe will not only boost your immune system but is said to help woman who suffer from PCOS and many other ailments too.  I prefer to use Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.
18. Ginger

Ginger is a root that has been used for thousands of years for it’s medicinal properties.  It’s antibacterial properties have been used to not only boost the immune system but to improve digestion, reduce inflammation and cholesterol, relive nausea, motion sickness, and pain.  It is also used in cooking.  When sick, I highly recommend creating the “shot” with the ingredients listed under the Ginger subtitle.  While fresh ginger is the best option, a powder form is the next best choice.  If you are purchasing powdered ginger for cooking purposes,  I recommend Simply Organic’s Ginger.  If you are purchasing for a supplement, I recommend Pure Syngery’s SuperPure Ginger Organic Extract.

19. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is mostly apple juice.  When yeast is added, it turns the sugar in the juice into alcohol.  The bacteria then turns the alcohol into acetic acid and this is called fermentation.  ACV is fermented and as you read above, fermented foods have so so many benefits other than just boosting the immune system.  ACV can even help you lose weight!  It is full of probiotics and as you have learned up above, probiotics are vital for healthy gut flora to fight off any virus or infection.  My favorite brand is Dr. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.

20.  Chlorella & Spirulina 

Chlorella and Spirulina are both essentially green algae grown in fresh water.  Both are packed with vitamins and minerals and are excellent choices when used to boost the immune system, detox heavy metals and helps with lowering blood sugar.  Both Chlorella and Spirulina are great to add to a smoothie and have such high antioxidant properties when used topically.  I have even created a facemask using spirulina and avocado that left my skin feeling baby soft.  Here are a few of my choices for each: Bio Chlorella TabletsBio Chlorella Powder, and Nutrex Pure Spirulina.  Now lets talk Vir-U-Sure by Purium,  This supplement contains a few different herbs to help prevent the body from getting a virus.  It includes red algae, spirulina, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil.  The combination of these herbs are so powerful when fighting off foreign pathogens.  If you are interested in purchasing Vir-U-Sure by Purium, you can email me at theholisticfashionista1@gmail.com for a free $50 gift card code (seriously!)

21. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper improves circulation and fights against bacteria and viruses.    It is great to relieve pain associated with a sore throat while also assisting in clearing up congestion.  A great recipe for a remedy is listed above under Garlic.  I prefer Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper.

22. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a “toxin trapper.”  It works by trapping toxins/chemicals in the gut to prevent them from getting absorbed.  Activated charcoal cannot be absorbed in the body and is a great option to use for any type of detox or stomach bug.  Many also use it as a teeth whitener too.  So while it is not an immune booster specifically, it helps to assist the body in detoxing so that the immune system can do it’s job.  Activated Charcoal is also a great “hangover reducer.”  I have linked Smart Solution’s Organic Charcoal Powder and it can be used for teeth whitening or added to water.  For our children, we would tell them we made a “Spooky Halloween drink” and it honestly doesn’t have much if any flavor to it.  For adults, I linked the NaturaLife Labs Organic Activated Charcoal as it can be taken in capsule form.

23. Lemon

Lemons are antiviral and antibacterial.  They can prevent bacterial growth and infections while boosting the immune system.  They are full of antioxidants and known to relieve nausea.  Lemons also alkaline the body so squeezing lemon into your drinking water will kick your immune system into gear.

24. Coconut Oil

I will never forget the moment someone told me that they add coconut oil on their toast and the oil helps them to lose weight.  On one hand I thought it might taste terrible and on the other hand I had no idea that coconut oil could be used for this purpose.  So in my attempt to lose weight, I purchased some at the grocery store and was pleasantly surprised. I loved the flavor.  Coconut Oil is full of lauric acid and together this oil will boost both the metabolism (to help lose weight) and the immune system with it’s antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.  Like baking soda, it has so many purposes.  You can use it in baking to replace unhealthy oils or butter, topically as a moisturizer,  or as make-up remover.  It can be added to smoothies or in my case, toast.  Okay, all jokes aside, I cannot live without it.  I prefer to use the Kirkland’s Coconut Oil if I am consuming it and the Molivera Organics Fractioned Coconut Oil if I am using it topically to dilute my essential oils. 

25. Chiropractor

Okay so you probably weren’t expecting this to be my last natural remedy on this post but it is always a good idea to visit your chiropractor for an adjustment to help boost your immune system.  When our spine is out of alignment, it can affect our regular immune function negatively.  I have known many who walk into the chiropractor with a runny nose and 30 minutes later, can finally breathe again due to their adjustment. 

Now that we know better, we do better. Together we can demand better from our medical providers.  Let’s concentrate on healing our body from within rather than suppressing symptoms from our body’s illness.  Let’s ask questions of what may be the root cause of an illness.  Is it our unhealthy and or toxic food choices?  Is it our unsafe toxic cosmetics or polluted air?  What is causing the problem?  Let’s demand answers.  


What natural remedies and medicines are in your medicine cabinet now and after reading this post, what will you be replacing?  Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you will be notified of new blog posts, giveaways, and special discounts.

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  1. Great article ! You can tell you have taken a lot of time to learn & share your knowledge to better inform others.

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