Beautiful Oops! teaches young children that even if they make a mistake, they can turn their “mistake” into a masterpiece. 

I Had a Favorite Dress teaches that clothing can be repurposed throughout the years thru this very imaginative and creative story line.  

In My Heart teaches children about their feelings and how to express what they feel from within.  With whimsical illustrations, it teaches children about emotions such as feeling proud, anger, happy, brave, and more. 

In My Room is about a girl who uses her imagination to go anywhere she wants to go.  It teaches imaginative play and creativity.

Look Inside Your Body is an interative book with flaps to peek thru that teaches all about the body.  

Fill a Bucket teaches that we are all born with an invisible bucket that holds our feelings.  It teaches empathy and kindness.  This version is great for preschoolers.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? is a different version of Fill a Bucket geared toward elementary school aged children.  

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a book that teaches circling.