Gift Ideas for Him

Why is it always so difficult to shop for the men in our lives?  They seem to be more simple creatures who don’t need or want much.  And with less than 2 weeks until Christmas, I decided to add a short little list of unique Amazon Prime items you can order and receive quickly.  My favorite gifts to give are those with themes.   Some of my past ideas have included: Daddy Shark, Tools for Dad,  Vacation Ready, and Music.  I hope this list below helps you wrap up your holiday shopping for him and inspires you.

  1. USB Essential Oil Diffuser for the Car or Office – The perfect little device to keep the car and or any small space smelling fresh while reaping the benefits from essential oils. (Make sure to check out our essential oil page to choose the highest quality essential oils.)
  2. Organic Gourmet Truff Hot Sauce – With such great reviews, this limited edition hot sauce is one of the best out there.
  3. “I Couldn’t Pick a Better Dad” Guitar Pick – Customizable with different names and availability to add to a keychain, this guitar pick is so sweet for any musically inclined dad out there.
  4. Snowflake 19-in-One Multi-Tool and Bottle Opener Stainless Steel Key Chain – You’ll never have to wait for your husband to grab his tool bag again with this gadget always attached to his keys and he will love the functionality of an all-in-one tool keychain.
  5. Johnston and Murphy Wool Socks – With all of the men’s socks available, these are by far the softest wool socks I have seen.  And if you are sticking with a daddy shark theme, these are so fun.
  6. Sonos Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Alexa Built In – The sound.  The ease.  And if you are into AI being in your home or office, this is the best.
  7. Daddy Shark T-Shirt – This is such a fun Daddy Shark shirt that is more mellow and has a higher chance of being worn.
  8. Star Wars Sock Set – For any Star Wars lover, these are such fun dress socks.
  9. Digital Wifi Enabled Smart Picture Frame – You can add pictures just by emailing them or adding them on the app.  It can also be connected to “Alexa” to add voice control.  This is a great gift for anyone for the home or office.
  10. Car & Train Playmat  T-Shirt – For any very tired dad out there with little ones.  Wear this shirt and lay down for some rest while his littles play with trains and cars while giving a nice back massage with the wheels.
  11. Olukai Sandals – These are by far my husband’s favorite sandals.  They are extremely comfortable and the quality is above par for sandals.
  12. Kalimba Finger Piano – This handheld instrument creates soothing sounds whether you know how to play a piano or not.  Having this instrument in the office can create a moment of relaxation between conference calls.
  13. Gold Bamboo Picture Frame – Every holiday, I will always gift a new picture frame with an updated picture of our children.  So simple and everyone loves it.
  14. Daddy Shark Tumbler with Personalized Engraving of Baby Shark Names