How to Stop Getting Sick

We have all experienced it: runny nose, sore throat, achiness, and coughing.  Being sick can really ruin your day or week.  But I am here to tell you what you can do to increase your chances of not getting sick. 

Why does our bodies get sick anyway?  

When our bodies are exposed to a virus or bacteria, our immune system kicks in.  If our immune system is strong and our body is alkaline, we have less of a chance of getting sick.  On the other hand, if our immune system is in a weakened state and more acidic, our body has less of a chance of fighting off the pathogen without getting sick.  Getting sick is our body’s defense to trying to detox the foreign virus/bacteria out of the body.

What strengthens our immune system?  

A healthy mind, body, soul, and environment will always strengthen our immune system along with a healthy alkaline organic plant based diet, a good night’s sleep, and regular exercise.

What makes our immune system weak? 

When our bodies are “poisoned,” our immune systems are weakened and our bodies become more acidic.  “Poison is a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed.”   

Here is a a general list of 6 poisons that you should reduce your exposure to:

  1. Internal Toxins.  For example, cortisol that is released with stress hormones by the adrenal cortex, represses the immune system.  
  2. Foods and Drinks we consume.  One example is glyphosate.  Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round-Up used as an herbicide and pesticide by farmers.  It been found in most non-organic foods in the United States. Although this commonly used toxin is banned in 19 countries including France, Italy, Thailand, and Denmark, the United States still allows it in our food including infant formulas.  Monsanto has recently had to pay out over $2 billion+ in lawsuits as it led to cancer diagnosis across the world. Glyphosate depletes the body of essential vitamins and minerals while attacking the body’s gut health.  Sugar, gluten, meat, processed foods, and dairy also causes inflammation in the body and has been shown to grow diseases in the body.  As far as water is concerned, the tannins, chlorine, chloramines,   fluoride, and additional contaminants in the water are also hazardous for our health.  Having proper water filtration is vital for our health.  
  3. Air we breathe.  The air we breathe is so important to our vitality.  Being exposed to perfumes, air fresheners, fabric softener on clothing, fragrances, etc.  can effect our bodies in a negative way.  Also, if you live in a zone that  receives aerial spraying for mosquitos, it not only affects the mosquitos and kills the bees, it can also negatively affect the body.  Another example is Geo-engineering thru HAARP also affects our immune system.  The chemical trails of lines that are sprayed and then expand in the sky to later float down and enter airways, will also affect us.  Click here for a video of Al Gore admitting this previously recognized as conspiracy to viewers of the Ellen show. 
  4. Topical Products.  Anything that touches our skin, is absorbed into our bloodstream. The American Journal of Public Health has said that our skin absorbs 64% of topical product’s contaminants.  Contact with toxins in cosmetics, cleaning products, plastics, receipts and more are all considered poisons to our bodies..
  5. Electro Magnetic Frequencies.  EMF’s are radiation that is emitted from our electrical devices including phones, smart meters in our homes, fitbits, and anything on WiFi.  Also, living near phone lines or cell phone towers are possible threats to your health.
  6. Injections.  Injections of any kind usually have an adjuvant of heavy metals along with additional ingredients (varies per injection type).  The most commonly metal used currently is aluminum although thimerosal (Mercury) is still used and is also just as neurotoxic.  The EPA recommends no more than 1400 ppb (parts per billion) per day if ingesting fish and no more than 2 ppb in drinking water.  200 ppb mercury in liquid waste renders it a toxic hazard.  There is 25,000 ppb in the infant flu vaccine and 50,000 ppb in the regular flu vaccines recommended by the CDC for children and adults.  Something doesn’t correlate and with such low effectiveness rates and high adverse reaction rates according to VAERS, it doesn’t appear to be safe.  It is important to understand that when anything is injected into the blood stream, it does not pass thru the gut of the body to be detoxed as ingestible metals would be.  Make sure to read every insert for any type of injection (yes Botox too!) and question every ingredient.
  7. Environment.  Our environment such as the backyard lawn and playground may be laced with cancer causing Round-Up (with the active ingredient glyphosate).  If you hire an outside lawn maintenance business to maintain your property, ask them what they are using for weed killer.  Ask your schools too.  Also, if you are using a pest control company, exposure to most of the chemicals used, can pose a large health risk to not only humans, but our furry friends.
  8. Fabric.  Our clothing is sold with chemicals on it to preserve the materials.  Also, flame retardants is said to keep children safe in case of a fire; as their clothes would not are extremely toxic and many children’s clothing is sprayed with this hazardous chemical that can cause many negative health problems.  Specifically our child had a reaction to the flame retardants on a stuffed animal my husband  won her at the fair.  Her hands took 9 months to get back looking normal after they were burnt by the chemicals on her beloved Tweety Bird stuffy.  Luckily, we were quick to figure out what caused her burns even though there was no warning on the stuffed animal itself.  And not only are clothing and toys sprayed with this toxic material; sofas and beds are too.  That’s right, you may be breathing in toxic chemicals all night long.  

How do we stop getting sick?  

The simple answer is to reduce our exposure to toxins one step at a time.  Let’s reduce our stress and increase our time spent with friends and family.  Lets increase our organic vegetable consumption while reducing our consumption of unhealthy foods.  Let’s reduce our exposure to environmental toxins and clean up our cosmetic drawer and cleaning caddy.  Let’s demand safer products, chemical-free foods, and a healthier  environment by voting with our pocket books with what we purchase.  Together, we can be the change.  And in this blog, I will show you and you will see how easy it is to reduce your exposure to toxins so you can stop getting sick.  Throughout my weekly blog posts, I will walk you thru the steps of not only being able to detect such chemicals that you are exposed to in your daily life, I will introduce you to new health conscious alternatives.  Make sure to subscribe to my blog below: