Why I Don’t Force Our Children to Sit on Santa’s Lap

Children know what they want…. and what they don’t want.  And there is a sense of intuitiveness that goes along with it all.  Over time, most parents force children to give some sort of affection to those they don’t feel comfortable with due to social conditioning.  Whether it’s an aunt, uncle, or friend they barely know or maybe just don’t feel comfortable with.  It’s not really our place as parents to force this.  When we force affection from our children, it is telling them to ignore their intuition about the other person and to be obedient towards their parent while ignoring their own feelings and will.  And that is something I don’t want to teach.  

I choose to teach our children about intuitiveness, about affection when you feel it in your heart, and to really tune in to other’s energies.  It’s not what you physically see, it’s what you feel.  Feelings are so important especially to children who are learning and growing.  The best we can do as parents is to be respectful of our children’s feeling and model the behavior we would like them to learn.  And who wants to sit on a creepy guy’s lap dressed as Santa with germs from 100s of children prior anyway?  Why let your child  be held by someone they don’t know and condition them to this?  

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