Why I don’t Like Giving Candy Out on Halloween

Alright I said it.  I don’t like giving candy out on Halloween.  I feel guilty.  I feel guilty because I know what candy does to the body.  I know how harmful sugar and artificial dyes are.  I know that some of these candies are laced with unhealthy ingredients and chemicals.  I know that with all the ingredients combined, candy will decrease the good bacteria in the gut that communicates directly with the brain and suppress the immune system and that this can cause future health problems.  Maybe not overnight, but over time it can affect the body negatively.   I feel guilty because I may be one of the only moms on the block that understands how candy can affect the body on a cellular level and I feel it is my duty to protect this next generation of children.  Maybe other moms will laugh and think I’m worrying too much but if I stand up against giving out candy on Halloween, it may just plant a seed for another family to ask why and to learn why we have made this choice.    

How could one night of candy so bad?  

It has been proven thru numerous scientific studies that sugar is highly addictive and in some cases more than illegal drugs.  You can click here to view this published study and learn more about the addictiveness of sugar.  When we consume acidic foods such as sugar, dairy, gluten, and artificial dyes, it will make us crave more acidic foods.  Our gut health will then decrease.  Alkaline foods that once tasted good to us such as avocados or broccoli now may taste too bitter since our body has become more acidic.  Children will refuse vegetables when their body is more acidic than alkaline.  If this happens in our home (and it has), we will increase probiotics and start sneaking in alkaline foods into our children’s diets such as adding green vegetables and herbs to a strawberry smoothie.  

Why are artificial dyes so bad anyway?

Artificial dyes are petroleum derived and have carcinogenic ingredients that are connected to behavioral problems, learning disabilities, inability to concentrate, cancer, and more.  To learn more about artificial dyes, click here to be directed to a published study with sourced information. 

Above and below are images of our trick or treat displays our 4 year old daughter helped me to create.  Pictures: stamps, slap bracelets, play dough, and organic lollipops.

What are some Halloween Candy alternatives?

Glow bracelets, stamps, pencils, slap-bracelets, and play dough are all great alternatives to candy.  Last year I even found individually wrapped Shopkins at Costco that were such a hit in our neighborhood.  There are many great ideas out there but it’s okay if you aren’t ready to make the transition yet.  I chose to add organic artificial dye free lollipops to our trick-or-treat bucket.  Not because I want to but because I believe it may spread some awareness to others to ask themselves “Why organic?  and Why artificial dye-free?”

How can we prevent our children from consuming all of the candy if we choose to trick-or-treat?

The Switch Witch!   comes every Halloween evening.  She loves candy so much that if you leave her yours, she will replace it with a present.  Problem solved.  But if you are not into “The Switch Witch” story, you can even begin to explain to them the effects of unhealthy foods to our bodies and or have your child sort out his or her candy and choose their 5 favorites.  

What do we do with our leftover candy?

You can donate it or trash it.

The most important thing we can do is to slowly transition to a healthier life style.  We need to enjoy every step of our lives and tomorrow is never promised.  Transitioning to healthier may mean limiting candy in your home or eliminating it all together.  We are all on our own journeys and each is so unique.

Let me know what you have chosen in the comments below.  







2 thoughts on “Why I don’t Like Giving Candy Out on Halloween”

  1. I love that you included what you do for times when the kids are refusing veggies. I didn’t know this and now will try the smoothie thing and probiotics too! Ronan must be super acidic because all he asks for is sugar and he is suppose to be my GOOD eater. I will try anything! thanks for the recommendation. I don’t usually pass out candy either. If there is stuff in my home, the kids will go crazy over it. So we keep it out. tomorrow is one day and I will let them pick 5 pieces within reason and we do the switch witch for the rest!

    1. You are very welcome Autumn. Thanks for taking time out to share. Creating an alkaline environment in our bodies is so important.

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